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Trial Subscription

Trial Subscription

Try our most popular Subscription
Designed for those that haven't tasted our coffees before.

You will receive two samples of The Coffee Adventures Alliance's coffee. We simply request a nominal fee to reach you comfortably. 

Your Trial Subscription will automatically transition into The Coffee Adventures Alliance after 2 weeks, ensuring 2x250g freshly roasted beans monthly. You have of course, the option to opt out beforehand (though it's highly unlikely 😃).

Once you transition to The Coffee Adventures Alliance, every month you will be able to enjoy all the different benefits our premium subscription has to offer:

  • 2 x 250g bags of coffee (you can afterwards upgrade to 3 or 4)
  • Welcome gift
  • Free shipping forever (as long as you are in The Coffee Adventures Alliance). You can add as many products as you want to your order and it will all be shipped in the same order.
  • 10% off on our coffee shop
  • First access to new coffees and promotions

    It provides complete flexibility and can be canceled at any time.

    The Coffee Adventures Alliance is our most popular subscription for a reason: It is the best possible way to explore our sinngle origin coffee offering at home. 

    • Receive two coffee samples from The Coffee Adventures Alliance's current coffees
    • Turns automatically into The Coffee Adventures Alliance after 2 weeks. Unless you decide to opt out!

    Join The Coffee Adventures Alliance family today and let our variety of our coffees speak for themselves.

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      Fresh and carefully roasted to precision

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What coffees will I be getting?

    You'll receive a selection of our most delicious coffee beans with the roast that best matches your brewing method.

    Can I pause my subscription?

    Certainly. Subscriptions are as easy to opt out of as they are to opt into. Each subscriber will have their subscriber portal where they can make adjustments according to their preferences.

    Will I get free shipping on other orders too?

    Absolutely! As long as you're a member of The Coffee Adventures Alliance, you can order other products and it will all be shipped on the same order (with FREE shipping)

    Can I change the amount of coffee bags I get every month?

    Certainly. You can receive up to 4 bags of 250g of coffee.

    Based on 143 reviews
    Brazil - Paraíso
    Claudia Loureiro

    Brazil - Paraíso

    Guatemala - Los Pinos

    Kenya - Kiandu
    Nuno Vieira

    Kenya - Kiandu

    Espresso Bundle
    Radu Onica

    Espresso Bundle

    Good grinder, amazing service

    In what concerns to the grinder, being my first, I can only say I love it. Grinds competentely and has a good set of grind sizes, specifically for espresso.
    The service from Buraca Roasters though, is outstanding. The price was competitive, and their customer service is amazing! They were always there to help if something happens, are super nice, and very professional. Became a client :D

    Bom café

    O mix de cafés que vieram são bastante bons. Quando os fiz em french press ainda ficaram melhores, adorei.

    Guatemala - Los Pinos
    Mário Rui Cláudio
    Very pleasant Expresso

    Love natural processed beans, and experienced the fruity tastes.

    Kenya - Kiandu
    Oleg Zavalypenskyi
    Kenya - Kiandu

    Too much sour.

    Ethiopia - Muda Tatesa
    Yves Van de Weghe
    Pour-over& cold brew

    Love natural processed beans, and experienced the fruity tastes, although lime didn´tcome really out.
    Also tried it out for cold drip brew, and that was very tasty! Recommended for that!

    Espresso Bundle
    Carlos Santos

    Espresso Bundle

    Espresso Bundle
    Filipe Franco

    Foi uma experiência incrível desde o suporte e esclarecimentos até q chávena, os cafés são ótimos tem uma seleção maravilhosa de cafés, voltarei a comprar sem dúvida alguma, café espetacular

    Ethiopia - Muda Tatesa
    Miguel Brântuas

    Ethiopia - Muda Tatesa

    Colombia - Sol Naciente
    Luis Rodrigues
    Um café equilibrado

    Excelente café!

    Honduras - Marcala
    João Pereira
    Great Coffee

    Just tried it today and really like the coffee. Kinda divided between this one and Columbia. Though choice :))

    One of the best coffees I had

    Amazingly delicious. The notes are all there and it’s a pleasure to drink. I make it daily on my aeropress.

    Brazil - Paraíso
    Maren Bauchspiess

    Brazil - Paraíso

    Favorite coffee.

    Superb,equal to a fine Bourdoux wine.Very complex and fruity.

    Brazil - Paraíso
    Artur Marangoni
    O melhor custo/benefício em grãos

    Um ótimo café custo/benefício!

    Brazil - Paraíso
    Simon Weppe
    Excellent coffee!

    I think I've bought 5kg of this for my Sage Bambino Plus + Sage Grinder so far. The quality of the coffee is great for Americano's + Latte's + Espresso's. Customer service is great and helpful. I look forward to coming into the shop some day to meet the team. Thank you and keep up the great work! Simon

    Brazil - Paraíso
    Paulo Alves

    Brazil - Paraíso

    Brazil - Paraíso
    Paulo Queirós

    Brazil - Paraíso

    The Coffee Adventures Alliance

    Brazil - Paraíso
    Alexander Brück
    Great coffee

    First time I ordered it and I am very pleased. Well rounded, good quality!

    Brazil - Paraíso
    Gilberto Barros
    Excellent aromas and flavours

    It is a trip to Brazil when, every morning, I ground this grains and brew this coffee. Even a friend of mine from there was amazed when I served it, without saying anything. Great great product.

    Brazil - Paraíso
    Ana Marçal

    Love the flavour

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