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Kit Hario V60 – Black


SET V60 02 by Hario – Brown / Chocolate
V60 plastic + glass jug
Includes 40 paper filters

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SET V60 02 by Hario – Black
V60 plastic + glass jug
Includes 40 paper filters

This kit will allow you to make a cup of coffee as it includes the following accessories:
– 360 ml glass jar: Its design is designed to maintain the temperature for a longer time, in addition to being specially designed to prevent spills and facilitate the task of pouring coffee. It is made of glass and can also be used to put the dropper on top.
-Hario V60: It is designed to make one or two cups of coffee. Its fantastic design is designed to facilitate extraction, in addition, the hole in the bottom increases the speed at which coffee is deposited in the jar.
-Filters: these filters are designed for the drip cup Hario 1- 2.
To get a great coffee you just need ground coffee and a kettle.
With a good raw material and all the products that this Hario kit brings you, you will get a spectacular coffee!
Like all Hario products, they are made in Japan.

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