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Costa Rica - Fuego & Molina

Costa Rica - Fuego & Molina

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    SCA Score: 87.5
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    Ripe red fruits, licorish

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    Costa Rica

Francisco Molina started growing coffee together with his father after finishing highschool. Ever since his father passed away he has been in charge of the farm. The size of the farm is about 2.45 hectares, most of the farm is used to grow Red Catuai, however it is also used for growing Bourbon and Typica. Before partnering with us, the coffee from this farm was bought from a local buyer. Since then, the farm is focused on specialty picking and processing. Francisco is very pleased with how their quality of life has improved because of shifting to specialty coffee, and this has allowed him to improve his farm.

Francisco is very careful in the application of fertilisers, applying the exact amount required according to the soil analysis is very important. He trains his twelve coffee pickers to pick only the most ripe cherries. The process used in the farm is very specific; the coffee cherry is added to the stainless steel tanks with the mucilage left on. The tanks are airtight, and the absence of Oxygen stimulates a Thermic fermentation process. The process develops a unique series of acids such as lactic and malic which will translate to a very complex flavor. Once ready the coffee is 100% sun dried.

Cordillera de Fuego wet mil has implemented many small projects to reduce the water usage and increase efficiency, but one of the biggest projects they have done is the installation of solar panels, with these panels the main office is able to run.

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Tasting Notes

Ripe red fruits, licorish

Origin Data

VARIETY: Red Catuai

FARM: Cordillera de Fuego

FARMER: Francisco Molina

PROCESS: Thermic Fermentation

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