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Hario Blue Limited Edition Coffee Filter in Bottle – 650ml


Procaffeinating (n.) the tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee

Hario Blue Limited Edition Coffee Filter in Bottle – 650ml

Hario’s coffee filter bottle is the Japanese brand’s response to the heat of summer. By design with the filter included in the bottle Una is the perfect way to prepare a delicious cold coffee.

Coffee prepared in this way has a very delicate taste, is low in fat, with low bitterness and can be stored for several days without loss of taste.


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The bottle has a simple and elegant body – it will make an interesting decoration of any kitchen. It is made of Japanese glass. It is equipped with a fine plastic filter that allows you to obtain coffee without any dirt, and everything is easy to maintain.

How to prepare the coffee?
To prepare Cold Brew, simply pour 5 – 6 g of ground coffee (medium-fine ground) into the filter respectively for every 100 ml of cold water. Stir gently and leave the bottle in the refrigerator for 12 to 30 hours (we recommend experimenting with the brew time). Then simply remove the filter with ground coffee and now your brew is ready to serve.

SIZE: W87 × D84 × H300mm
CAPACITY: 5 cups / prepared volume 650ml
WEIGHT: (includes individual box) approximately 500g

Glass bottle: heat resistant glass.
Filter: polyester resin
Strainer: polypropylene
Removable mouthpiece, cap: silicone rubber



Additional information

Weight 0.485 kg
Heat-proof 1

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