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1. Hario V60
2. 320g of Water just off the boil (94 to 96 C)
3. Hario V60 Filters
4. 20g Medium Ground Coffee
5. Weighing Scales
6. Timer
7. Pouring Kettle
8. Carafe or Mug


Hario is an elegant brewer for those who want to perfect the pour.

Easy to learn but with a whole range of variations, it’s the method you’re most likely to see in your favourite brew bar or cafe.

Step 1

Prewet your filter in your V60, then add your ground coffee to the V60 brewer.

Step 2

“Bloom” the ground coffee with 60g of water for 45 seconds. Give the slurry a stir to make sure all the coffee is brewing.

Step 3

After 45 Seconds, pour another 60g of water. Pour another 100g of water once you can see that the water has filtered through from the previous pour.

Step 4

Finally, pour the final 100g into the brewer, give it a stir and tap the brewer against the carafe to ensure the coffee bed is level.

Step 5

The brew should take between 3 minutes and 3 minutes and 30 seconds to complete.

Step 6

Serve the coffee, leave it cool a little and enjoy!


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