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The lightweight, convenient, ingenious Aerobie AeroPress® coffee maker is a cult favorite and there’s a reason why. Its versatile and simple design allows a wide array of brewing styles, resulting in a clean, elegant and delicious coffee brewed one cup at a time.

1. Aeropress
2. Aeropress Paper Filter
3. 240g Water just off the boil
4. 16g Medium-Fine Ground Coffee
5. Weighing Scales
6. Timer
7. Carafe or Mug


AeroPress brewing is a full-immersion method, meaning that water and coffee sit in contact for a period of time before being expressed through the cylinder, meaning you’ll find a more aromatic and nuanced cup when compared to other brewing methods. Its high-quality, durable plastic body is BPA – and phthalate-free.

Includes a starter accessory set of paper micro-filters.

Step 1

Prewet your filter and grind your coffee. Screw the filter into the brewer and add the coffee in.

Step 2

Pour all of the water into the brewer, ensure all the grounds are wet. Place the top of the Aeropress on, ensure it creates a vacuum to stop the coffee dripping through the filter.

Step 3

At 1.30, open the brewer. Stir then place the top on again and press. The brew should take 2 minutes and 30 seconds to complete.


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